Lizzie and Sarah

Vh01Costume Design by Claire Finlay

Written by Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes

Starring: Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes

Director: Elliot Hegarty

Production Company: Baby Cow

Lizzie and Sarah are two fiftysomething suburban housewives, perpetually mistreated and ignored by unloving, selfish husbands. The highlight of their otherwise dull lives is their role in an amateur dramatic society, The Borking Players. In the aftermath of a tragic accident which causes the death of a popular local teenager, emotions run high, and following a dismal birthday lunch for Sarah, the two friends embark on a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip. As the day unfolds, they find a way to wreak their revenge.

Broadcast: March 20th 2010

BBC2 23.45

Producer Ali McPhail:

As Lizzie and Sarah, Julia and Jess are aged up to 56 years old, using fat suits, wigs, make-up and polyester, fleeces and swathes of beige. If it was unflattering, they wore it! A fantastic job by Christine Cant (make-up and hair designer), and Claire Finlay (costume designer).